Big changes! Please read…


Our community is now a forum.

It was becoming very clear that the activity update format wasn’t working for what people needed here. Members’ comments were too quickly getting buried, and there was no easy way to browse older posts.

With this in mind, activity updates have been disabled, and all future interaction will occur in the forums.

The Stop Motion Animation of Chris Butcher


I’m incredibly Luddite when it comes to my work. Computers intimidate me a lot. In the second year of uni I had to try 3D animation and it just infuriated me trying to get a computer mouse to do what my hands can. I’m really tactile and I just can’t fathom not being able to manipulate something with my hands.

How to Format and Publish a Kindle Book


My mom wrote a book. It’s a pretty good book – a short memoir about life in a small New England town, with laughs and tears and guest appearances by Steves Carell and Tyler. She’d had the manuscript professionally edited, so I offered to publish it on Kindle for her. I figured it had to be a simple matter of tweaking a little bit here and there, and just uploading it to Amazon’s Direct Publishing service.

I did that, and had a mess on my hands.